Building Maintenance

What is a Building Maintenance Service?

man wearing tools on his belt in cramped hallway

A young and inexperienced driver makes a quick decision in rainy conditions. A tire in the road forces him to swerve as he slams on the brakes. His vehicle stutters but continues to carry him off the side of the road into an embankment.

The driver is injured, and his vehicle likely totaled. Although accidents happen, this one was inevitable. Why? The young driver did not respect the importance of proper maintenance to his brakes.

One of the basic responsibilities of owning an automobile includes maintenance – a principle that also applies to owning a large building. Whether the building is for our own or someone else’s use, maintenance protects your property and the health of those on it. Regular maintenance also saves owners financially over the long-term.

Why do you need a building maintenance service?

Like in an automobile, inexpensive maintenance can protect against expensive problems. If we fail to spend $79 on an oil change, we could face a $3000 bill replacing an engine. The same is true with building maintenance.

How can a building maintenance service help you with your business?

Time and technical ability can limit your ability to perform necessary maintenance on your property. A young driver will likely not have the tools or knowledge to change his own brakes. But simply ignoring the need could lead to major problems in the future.

Electrical, Heating, and Air Conditioning systems all need regular maintenance. Well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently and lasts longer, saving you money for the life of the equipment. Maintenance to gutters, ventilation, doors and windows, can all protect against water damage or heating costs. Tree trimming or removal can protect against damage to the exterior or the foundation of the building.

Even regular cleaning in high traffic areas can increase the life of your carpet, flooring, and wall coverings. “They say a penny saved is a penny earned,” states Maria Esther Chamberlain of Acuity Total Solutions, “but pennies saved can become dollars lost if some of them aren’t put into a maintenance budget.”

What are the best building maintenance services to get?

Building maintenance services should cover the basic needs of the building. But every building has different needs. Regular cleaning and basic repairs to commonly used areas extend life and maintain the value of your property. Landscaping and exterior maintenance can include basic repairs to wall cracks and vandalism, and maintaining outside lighting and irrigation systems.

The importance of regular upkeep and inspections

The most expensive problems come from a lack of regular inspections to key systems and architectural integrity. A thorough maintenance company should follow a comprehensive inspection schedule to help protect your building. These inspections and their frequency vary depending on the needs of the property and the age of the building and it’s equipment. If carried out properly, major equipment failures can be avoided. Even accidents or safety concerns can also be averted.


Protecting a building is more than four walls and a door. It includes the health and safety of the occupants and the cost incurred if anything goes wrong. Like the neglectful driver, poor maintenance can lead to serious problems and expenses.

If you’re in need a building maintenance service, please do not hesitate to give us a call.